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Installing oVirt 3.5 on CentOS 7 (Hosted Engine)

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I have had many people come to my blog looking how to install oVirt 3.5 software on the new CentOS 7. Much of this content is the same as my 3.4 post, but I thought I would keep it separate. Below are simple step by step instructions for installing the node and getting it configured for the hosted engine.

Installation Requirements

Please Note: Installing Hosted Engine on CentOS 7 requires oVirt 3.5.1
Please Note: Both the node and engine will be running CentOS 7 (Minimal Installation)
Please Note: Ensure the host is fully updated via “yum update” and rebooted before proceeding



Ensure you have set up hostnames for the host and engine. If you do not have a DNS server configured and you are only testing oVirt on a single server, you can use /etc/hosts instead. I have the following:

Engine: Hostname:, IP Address:
Hostname:, IP Address:


Ensure you have set up NFS mount points for the engine and virtual machines. If you do not have a shared NFS server and you are only testing oVirt on a single server, you can configure NFS locally on the host instead as shown below.

Please Note: UID/GID of 36:36 is vdsm:kvm which is created when you install oVirt. However, you do not require this user to be created for NFS to work properly.

Verify you can see and properly mount the correct mount points.

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