CTDB – GlusterFS NFS Event Monitor Script

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There is no CTDB monitor script for the GlusterFS NFS implementation as you cannot use the normal NFS event script that comes with CTDB, this is because GlusterFS manages NFS.

Without a proper monitoring script CTDB will not initiate a failover when NFS services fail, below I have created a script to solve this problem.


CentOS 7 – SELinux

I am assuming you already have SELinux working and configured for your GlusterFS / CTDB environment. If so you will need to add an additional policy for my event script to work properly.


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2 comments on “CTDB – GlusterFS NFS Event Monitor Script

  1. Well done! Thank you! Has a bug or RFE been filed in the community or with Red Hat to include this in future releases?

    • Thank you!

      If there are no major issues with the script itself I will be submitting it upstream. I have noticed people in the past raise this issue on the mailing lists but nothing has come of it. If I manage to get this code merged I’ll update this post.

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